Stephen Bear Sex Tape With Georgia Harrison

2 years ago

Watch super exclusive leaked sex tape of Stephen Bear getting blowjob off love island babe Georgia Harrison

Anonymous 3 hours ago

I can’t believe bear is doin 21 months for this. This video wasn’t worth the time, still had a good wank so it wasn’t for nothing. She got fucked senseless and dumb bitches think it’s love loll.

Anonymous 1 week ago

What I want to know is how do we know that the person in the video WAS Georgia Harrison? We never see her face once, so how can she say it is her? All she know, Bear might have cheated on her and posted the video of that lady, but says that it was her, Georgia. All she had to do was deny it was her and unless we saw her face, no one would ever known it was her.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

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Anonymous 3 months ago

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Anon 3 months ago

Silly bitch, moaning now because everyone can see what a slut she is. Clearly wasn't thinking at the time he was fucking the shit out of her cunt was she! Can't stand sluts who pretend to be posh when they're just a bit of shit on everyone else's shoe.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Georgia Harrison is a slut who got what she deserved, I mean just look at this douchebag, what sort of self-respecting woman lets him fuck her? Dumb bitch.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Hopefully be on xvideos soon

Ellie 3 months ago

She seemed like a really nice girl in Love Island, so not sure why she got involved with a broke little loser. The way he fks her face at 8 minutes shows how little he thinks of her, he just wanted to feed her his warm load.

Anonymous 3 months ago


Mekkkk 3 months ago

She is so fake...

Fit 11 months ago

Georgia Harrison is gorgeous sexy goddess fuck haters.

AJ 1 year ago

The man is clearly a cuck

Templer 1 year ago

After the shagging is over, what is she left with. A self obsessed talentless ignoramus in pursuit of "fame" at any cost and too bloody stupid to realise he has been "played" by an (un)reality TV production team because he is so ridiculous he would make "good TV"

Jacsal 1 year ago

CCTV vid is her dunno about the other sex tape

Jacsal 1 year ago

It is her tbf

Anonymous 2 years ago

It's the fake moaning for me no wonder he dumped her shove a sock in it such a turn off

Anonymous 2 years ago

What a shit sex tape.
Sort it out bear put up a descent one of her.

Hg 2 years ago

Why is this video not loading