LEAKED Sex tape With Georgia Harrison & Stephen Bear

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11 months ago

Watch super exclusive leaked sex tape of Stephen Bear getting blowjob off love island babe Georgia Harrison

AJ 3 months ago

The man is clearly a cuck

Templer 4 months ago

After the shagging is over, what is she left with. A self obsessed talentless ignoramus in pursuit of "fame" at any cost and too bloody stupid to realise he has been "played" by an (un)reality TV production team because he is so ridiculous he would make "good TV"

Jacsal 5 months ago

CCTV vid is her dunno about the other sex tape

Jacsal 5 months ago

It is her tbf

Anonymous 8 months ago

It's the fake moaning for me no wonder he dumped her shove a sock in it such a turn off

Anonymous 10 months ago

What a shit sex tape.
Sort it out bear put up a descent one of her.

Hg 10 months ago

Why is this video not loading