The problem these days with live sex cam sites is that the bitches want money. Can you believe it? Money, in exchange for services. Fuck that shit. CamFox yo!

“I ain’t got no time for spendin’ my hard earned cash on no tokens!”

- anonymous user, probably.

The great thing about CamFox is they grab live feeds from real, live ass mother fucking cam girls who previously performed their sexual deviancy in a private show.

So you get to catch that action for free while some other bozo paid to make it happen. One man’s trash is another man's boner. And let’s be honest, no live sex cam babe deserves to be thrown away after one view. That’s why CamFox captures and eternalizes the stream for all to embrace throughout time immemorial. Just like Majin Buu (it’s an inside joke, you either get it or you don’t. Move on).

You Can Still use Live Sex Cam Sites Though

Just because CamFox grabs all those sex cam videos for you to watch at your leisure for absolutely, 100%, guaranteed FREE, doesn’t mean you don’t want the real thing from time to time. Sometimes you need more than a fap session. Sometimes you need some “get to know ya” time before cranking out seed.

CamFox makes sure that you can still do that in an educated manner in their top live sex cam sites section, which thoroughly reviews all the top sex cam sites first, gives them a rating, gives you some free sex cam vids to fap to and if you’re sold, why not head over and browse around to see who’s online? It’s pretty fucking easy. Unless you’re a retard. Are you one?

CamFox Models

Maybe you’re looking for a particular model, or maybe you just want to browse around and find a new cam model to jack your meat to. We’re not judging. If you are so inclined to partake such preposterous acts (jesus be with you) then check out the CamFox Sex Cam Models section to browse babes. You never know, you might even fall in love. CamFox’s unofficial motto is afterall : “Fall in love today, come back tomorrow”

CamFox Has a lot to Explore

I doubt you even read this review, but if you did then you’re a scholar and a gentleman (and probably some kind of evolved perv, but that’s ok). This review can’t cover everything, because not only are you an evolved person, but CamFox is an evolving organism of sex cams, amateur webcam porn, homemade selfie pics and so much more.

You just kind of need to go explore it for yourself. Now get the fuck out of here and check out CamFox.