Wow, that’s a tough one to decide! We live in an era of so many options, so why not consider everything, since there is a little bit of something for everyone? Some people will feel better about traditional dating and sex, others simply prefer spending time meeting potential sex mates on sites like SexedChat. But here’s what you need to know – both methods have both advantages and disadvantages. Should you have more free sex chat experiences, or just stick to the traditional, face-to-face dating? Hopefully, this article will help you decide!

Part 1 - The advantages of traditional dating and sex

We pretty much get what we see!

Can something compare to that good old face-to-face interaction, where you pretty much get what you see, and you can judge people by everything? When you see someone in person, you watch them move, talk, make faces, and you can use all that to evaluate someone’s personality better. How they approach to you and other people, the sound of their voice, the clothes, the hairstyle... Let’s be honest here, when you see someone, you have access to everything you need. Yes, this person might lie and try to be someone else, not everyone is honest, and many times we want to make a good impact, so we don’t reveal everything about ourselves, or we say things that are not really true. But if you are observant, you can notice these things. Or the more you meet this person, the better you learn how to read them. But sometimes you are just lucky, and you really do get what you see. People can be honest, and you don’t need to read their minds, or spy them, or anything... You can just enjoy their company, getting to know them better and better with every date.

A plethora of activities to bond with your partner

A really cool thing about face-to-face dating are all the options! Here I mean all the activities you can do together! With free sex chat sites, you are more limited, even with sites like SexedChat, which is one of the fastest growing sites out there (this means you have so many hot activities here, but online ones). But when you meet someone in person, you can always go places, do things, try different activities! How does karaoke sound to you? Bunjee jumping? Climbing and hiking? Spending a day at a spa together? Going to a movie? A theater? As you can see, the list is very rich and these are only some of the suggestions. When two heads are combined, I bet you can think of even more creative things to do!

Physical intimacy

Now, this is something that must be mentioned! When you date someone and see this person all the time, at one point it is meant for you two to become intimate, right? And by this, I mean physically, to actually get naked and get straight to business! You can flirt with your partner, see their reactions, have talks about this as often as you want, but combining them with other things that you do. For people who like the touch, the scent, and everything physical so they can savot the moment, this is always much better than any chat.

Interacting in groups and in natural settings

When I think about it, you can also have group free sex chats. But some people prefer spending quality time with people, going places to them. Dinner parties, or just parties, any kinds of gatherings sound nice. You can meet your partner’s friends and relatives and hang out. They can meet yours. Parties are fun, and even though you can have ‘parties’ online while chatting, and you can exchange messages with many people at once, it is different to actually see them and feel them near.

The chemistry

Needless to say, the chemistry is something you can feel even when you are far from someone. Some love stories are like that. You meet a person you like; you click, you have fun and they are so charismatic you feel their energy even through texts and emails! But when you connect with someone sexually and you find them attractive, unless you are asexual, you will definitely want to be close to them, touch them, taste them, smell them...

No Misrepresentation

This is as simple as it is. When you are texting and chatting, you don’t always understand and interpret things how they were said or planned to be interpreted. You can’t hear the intonation, the voice of the person messaging you, and it’s just difficult to really understand certain meanings sometimes. For example, maybe you don’t recognize sarcasm, or a pun, grammatical or semantical ambiguity. Free sex chat can be kinky, but sometimes things can get really weird for you if you don’t understand a sentence well... Maybe you see it weirder than it is. Maybe you see it less strange than it is. It is different for everyone, but the point is this – chat boxes can be filled with words that are misinterpreted!

Part 2 - The disadvantages of traditional dating

You have fewer options

But here’s what traditional dating doesn’t get you – options galore! When you meet people on sites like SexedChat and similar ones, you have so many models and babes you can chat with, and the diversity is never an issue! The Internet and sex chat sites are abundant with girls and boys coming from various countries, or different areas in your country and city. Everyone brings something new, fresh and unique to the table. You can connect with someone from Africa! You can really go wild and be creative and unpredictable. Traditional dating is like this – you probably meet people in clubs or through friends, on parties and gatherings. These people are not always that impressive, at least not like the folks you meet when you enjoy free sex chats.

It takes longer, and some people aren’t that patient

When you meet people and have sex chats on porn sites, you don’t need to be extra patient and wait for someone to decide to talk dirtily with you. And sometimes all we need is good porn, to enjoy all sorts of smut categories, with strangers we meet on these sites. Let’s face it – if you are not that patient and you just want a good fuck, even a virtual one, this whole traditional dating thing is not that adequate for you.

Part 3 – The advantages of free sex chat

You can connect with anyone you like!

The beauty of these sites is that you can meet people you would never be able to meet in person, somewhere in a super-market, where you work or in a bus... You can meet exotic girls, handsome boys from different countries, horny folks who are here because they are sexually open and very charismatic. People who are more libidinous are usually more charismatic, and that is why we like them so much and start liking them so fast.

You have so many options!

Do you want to meet ebony cuties from Africa, who live in America and want to experience this country to the fullest? Latina stunners with luscious curves, who just want to flirt and talk dirty things? You can chat with one person, and then start chatting with someone else at the same time. When you go on a date, you need to sit at the same table with that person. If you look at other women or men, you will be considered pervy or impolite!

It is fast and easy

Free sex chats are very simple to use. You register, leave your info, find the chat button and just start your conversation with someone you like! Going on a date is not that fast, and sometimes it is not even easy. But do you want to know what the best part is? If you don’t like someone you are chatting with, you can just find someone else in a second. If you don’t like your date, you can’t really switch to someone else right away. It takes time to meet someone new.

It consumes less money

Free sex chat sites are awesome because you don’t need to pay for them. Dates cost money, no matter if you are a girl or a boy. Boys may pay for everything, but it also costs money to find appropriate clothes, your taxi drive, the makeup... Free sex chats are much better here because you don’t need to dress anything special, you don’t need to pay for anything, you already have everything you need for this. You have your computer, or any other device, and you have your Internet. That is all you need, and you are set to go!

It takes less effort

No dressing up, no putting makeup, or hair gel... Free sex chats are like that, you can be in your panties or pijama and chat with someone. This person can imagine suits and perfect hair, but in reality, you don’t need to look perfect, and no one can make you send your pic if you don’t want to. Yes, it’s always better to exchange photos to know who you are dealing with, but even leaving things to imagination is sometimes cool. Not to mention you don’t need to clean your room (which you do when you bring your date home) … No driving, no finding the best restaurants... You just chill and have fun in your birthday suit, do whatever you want.

You don’t need to meet anyone, therefore it can be safer

I know they say chatting with strangers is not safe, but people don’t see the bigger picture – no one will make you meet anyone; you can just stick to typing! How is this less safe? Also, today the sites are safe and secure, you don’t need to worry about hackers, people who will get hands to your personal information, or anything similar. You can just relax and have fun, and no matter if you are a girl or a guy, you are safe. No one can tell you what to do. You don’t need to send pics, give anyone your personal information, do anything that will put you in a difficult situation.